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The Only True Zero-Drag Brake Calipers are from TBM Brakes

The Reason

True zero-drag, the engineered complete retraction of brake pistons in all operating temperatures and situations, will drastically improve vehicle handling, efficiency and component life.

TBM Brakes pioneered zero-drag brake calipers back in 1996 with the company’s Tornado calipers featuring engineering designed to acheive the feat of completely eliminating drag.

Since then other manufacturers have utilized insufficient workarounds that only partially address piston drag, yet still label their products as zero-drag or try to fool you with terms like “high rollback.” In one company’s case, a caliper label was simply changed to “zero-drag” without any changes in caliper design or part structure.

The Science

A caliper must be engineered to retract the pistons a minute amount to eliminate drag, but not so far that the driver notices excess pedal travel. Achieving this function properly requires precise design of multiple internal components, which no other company is doing at the moment.

Most other companies are inserting a round o-ring in the caliper or a mechanical spring onto the pad. This does not truly reduce drag at all operating conditions and temperatures. Instead it only reduces drag slightly at cold temperatures.

Also key to achieving true zero-drag is caliper rigidity and stiffness. If a retraction function (of any kind) retracts the brake pads .010″ from the rotor, yet the caliper is deflecting .125″ under temperature and pressure loads, then drag will still be present. Companies are claiming their all-aluminum or monbloc calipers are zero-drag when the inherent flex of aluminum creates drag.

The Result

TBM Brakes patented Tornado™ calipers deliver true zero-drag capability at all temperatures and line pressures in their rated range. All calipers are thoroughly bench tested to ensure they achieve this standard before being shipped. No other brake system can deliver the efficiency, durability, and repeatability of TBM brake systems.

TBM Brakes is even ahead of European supercar and hypercar manufacturers, who have engineered complex hydraulic zero-drag systems. These utilize computer controlled pressure pumps to acheive with a complex, heavy, and staggeringly expensive system what we have been doing since 1996 with a smartly designed caliper.

The result is drag free performance for mid-corner momentum and hair-trigger starts. For example, drag racers running with Tornado calipers have seen seen sixty foot time reductions as much as .03 second, and increases of 5 MPH in just a quarter of a mile.