2018 Contingency Program

Terms and conditions:

  • Team must have a 2018 TBM Contingency registration on file before scheduled event.
  • Team must have complete front and rear TBM brake system. (Proof of purchase required)
  • (2) 8” x 3.5” TBM logos or (1) 12” x 5” logo must be on car and visible
  • Winners must submit winner circle photo
  • Runner-up must submit photo of vehicle at the event.
  • Additional $50 payout for runner up and winner if TBM logos are placed on front fender/front bumper.
  • All forms (application,W-9,Car Photos) are required prior to request for contingency payment
  • Sponsored/Factory support (after 3-1-18) vehicles are not eligible.
  • It is the Team/individuals responsibility to provide proof of qualification for payment for each event
  • Payouts processed quarterly
  • Payouts must be claimed within 30 days of completion of event.
  • Print/online media coverage: must be a feature article about the vehicle/team, must have TBM brakes on all wheels, must mention TBM brakes in text of article and have a photo of the vehicle with the brakes clearly visible. Article must appear on a nationally recognized site/Magazine, TBM reserves the right to determine which sites are appropriate, if you have any questions, please inquire at [email protected].
  • TBM reserves final say on all payouts/disqualifications.
  • Email address: [email protected]

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