Dragzine – Blue Turd: Zach Wright’s One-Of-A-Kind 1,000 HP Ford Taurus SHO

Dragzine.com – Blue Turd: Zach Wright’s One-Of-A-Kind 1,000 HP Ford Taurus SHO

We get it: front-wheel drive cars aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and watching them violently spin the front slicks and dart around the first 100-feet of the racetrack is usually met with the same uncontrollable laughter as seeing a drunk stumble around the bar. 

But this is no Honda Civic. So read on, because we think you’ll dig the hot-rodding creativity and the dedication involved.

blue turd zach wrights one of a kind 1000 hp ford taurus sho

Over the past year, Zach has rebuilt the car with the best of everything he could get his hands on — fuel pump, injectors, a Precision 7285 turbo, and on and on. With the steel H-beam rod motor, he cranked out 830 horsepower on 20-pounds of boost and, in its first race — at 10,000-plus feet of elevation in Denver, no less — went 10.40 at 153 mph off the trailer. On a subsequent lap, he went 10-teens again, but with no oil pressure fail-safe in place, cooked every single bearing in the engine at the top-end once it climbed over 7,000 RPM.

In a span of five days upon his return from Denver, Zach assembled the aluminum rod motor, got it in the car, and trekked straight to Street Car Takeover in Indianapolis. Right out of the gate, it dipped into the 9.90s at 155 mph, and only improved from there. He advanced all the way to the final round, where it went a personal best of 9.65 at 161 mph on 23-pounds of boost. Peaking at 27-pounds in third gear, Zach adds, “if 20-pounds makes 830 horsepower, then it was probably in the neighborhood of 1,050-1,100 horsepower — especially to go 161 out the back.”

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