Dragzine – Locked Up: TBM Brakes Reimagines The Line Lock

Dragzine – Locked Up: TBM Brakes Reimagines The Line Lock

dragzine tbm line lock

A racecar at its core is an exercise in maximizing the optimization of components to go as fast as possible. There are plenty of major parts you can look at to change to accomplish the goal of going faster, but how often do you look at the smaller ones? We talk with Jason Smith at TBM Brakes about a simple but important part you might be overlooking: the line lock.

Most racers don’t even look at their line lock as something that could be improved, it’s just a necessary part that has a simple job to do. According to Smith, a modern line lock should integrate into a race car’s complex systems easier.

“When a racer is shopping for a line lock they should look beyond just the obvious requirements of a product that’s reliable and functions as needed. Today’s racecars have become more sophisticated than ever when it comes to electronics, so having components that integrate cleanly with modern electronics is important.”

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