– David Farlow’s Four-Eye Fox Is A Turbo Mod Motor Family Heirloom – David Farlow’s Four-Eye Fox Is A Turbo Mod Motor Family Heirloom

Racing Runs in The Family

Family is number one, and when you can find a hobby to include everyone—the fun factor goes up exponentially. For David Farlow and his family, it’s all about drag racing. From a young age David found himself riding in his cousin’s 1986 Mustang GT, which also happens to be the Ford Race Yellow Fox-body shown here. David vividly remembers climbing into the back seat and going to the store; incidentally, this is also what fueled the spark for his newfound passion.

david farlow fox body mustang unnaturallyaspirated

In the beginning, the four-eyed Fox was nothing more than a stock 302 that was backed by a factory AOD. Aside from the Vortech supercharger, the Mustang remained stock for quite a while. Once the AOD gave up the ghost, a TKO-500 was swapped in and an 8-point cage was added for safety. In this form, the mostly stock Fox would consistently run 7.70s in the eight-mile, which was quite impressive for a stick car back in 1998.

Fast forward to the late 2000s and the four-eye was pulled apart to be converted into Super Stock trim, but his cousin quickly lost interest. It was then, his younger brother Doug who had acquired the car with the intention of completing the build and racing it. David at the time had another ’86 GT that was competitive in street car classes, but the chassis had reached its limit, so that car was torn down and eventually sold off as a roller. David approached his brother Doug back in 2014, knowing this chassis was much more capable of handling what it would take to compete in X275, so a deal was made and David could begin his dream build.

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