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 Forged caliper halves and zero drag technology make TBM’s F1 calipers the most versatile 2 piston caliper made today. From Funny Cars to Go-Karts, the F1 provides championship stopping power in a compact, easy to mount package.

Typical Applications: Asphalt & Dirt Sprint, Asphalt & Dirt Midget, Kart, Drag Race, Dirt Late Model, Dirt Modified, Asphalt Modified, Road Race & Pro Touring, Desert Off-Road


Piston Size: 1.75"

Maximum Rotor Width: .500" - Works on quarter inch to half inch thick rotors.

Round Seals (O-rings) should be used on applications looking for maximum piston retraction, for example drag racing, where they’re looking for the piston to be pulled back as far as possible.

Square seals should be used in applications that see a lot of aggressive cornering or vibration like in road racing, some circle track racing, or off road racing. The seals will retract faster but not allow the piston to move back as far, resulting in a firmer pedal feel.