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TBM Brakes

TBM Brakes Mazda Miata Autocross / Time-Attack Track Kit

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Mazda Miata Autocross / Time-Attack Track Kit

Front Weight: 18 lbs

Rear Weight: 19 lbs

The TBM Miata Track packages are recommended for just that, track use. Available with a myriad of options that can be tailored to your specific application whether that is Autocross, Time-Attack, HPDE, Road-Racing or Endurance Racing. Rotors, calipers, pads and master cylinders can all be specifically matched to maximize performance. The TBM Miata Autocross/Time-Attack Track Kits provide the ultimate reduction in rotating weight for short duration events.

The front of the Miata Autocross/Time-Attack Track Kits feature an 11.75 x .500 Revolution© rotor mounted to a stiff, billet aluminum hat that centers them over the bearing pack to minimize bearing load and maximize life. The hat/rotor package is matched with TBM’s F3 caliper in 1.75” bore configuration, for more information on what goes in to building this truly remarkable caliper, click here.

Out back, the Autocross/Time attack Miata Track kit comes with TBM’s 11.75 x .375 Revolution© rotors to further minimize rotating weight, and provide exceptional stopping power. For more information on TBM’s revolution rotors, Click Here. The rear rotors are mounted to the same billet aluminum hat as the front and is paired an ultra-stiff 2-piston TBM F2 caliper. The Miata Autocross/Time Attack Track kits delete parking brake capability. All TBM Miata Big Brake Kits come complete and ready to bolt including stainless brake lines.

Fits: 1990-2005 Mazda Miata (NA/NB Chassis)

Miata Autocross/Time-Attack Track Kits include: