TBM Bolt On Front Brake Kits

TBM Brakes Strange GT Strut / TRZ / Racecraft Front Spindle Mount Drag Brakes 001-0204


TBM Brakes 1979-93 Mustang Fox Body Front Drag Brakes 5 on 4.50 (w/ New Aluminum Hub) 001-0200


TBM Brakes AFCO / Menscer / Santhuff’s 8° & 15° Strut Degree Strut Front Spindle Mount Drag Brakes 001-0208


TBM Brakes 1998-02 Camaro 4th Gen F-Body Front Drag Brakes (Reuses Factory Hub) 001-0227


TBM Brakes 1994-04 Mustang New Edge GT/Cobra Front Drag Brakes (Reuses Factory Hub) 001-0224


TBM Brakes 1982-02 S10 Blazer GMC Jimmy Front Drag Brakes (w/ New Aluminum Hub) 001-0197


TBM Brakes 1967-69 Camaro Front Drag Brakes, Disc Spindle (w/ New Aluminum Hub) 001-0201


TBM Brakes 1982-92 Camaro 3rd Gen F-Body Front Drag Brake (w/ New Aluminum Hub) 001-0209


Game Changing High Strength Calipers

TBM Calipers are designed to be stronger and more rigid allowing for less flex and higher clamping force for better braking. Industry standard mounting means you can swap out your Brand X caliper for TBM Zero Drag performance. Champions know the F3 caliper provides better modulation, more stopping power, no need for replacing calipers, longer pad life and less frequent bleeding and service intervals.

Rotors Designed to Perform. Period.

20 years ago we originated the convoluted rotor and we understand them better than anyone! The Revolution rotor’s proprietary blend of design, material, and processing result in a rotor that is extremely light and stays flat! While not as light as titanium, the revolution rotor will get you 80% of the weight reduction of a cast rotor at a fraction of the cost. Add in the extended life (seasons, not nights) and the revolution rotor becomes the most economical light-weight rotor offered today!

TBM Brakes are quickly becoming a top choice among Drag Racers nationwideLightweightZero DragLong LastingLightweight Drag Kits Rated for vehicles up to 3500 lbs at 200 mph(options for heavier vehicles as well)

The #1 Choice for Drag Racers

Zero Drag

Long Lasting

Lightweight Drag Kits

Rated for vehicles up to 3500 lbs at 200 mph(options for heavier vehicles as well)